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Wohnpark Rodenkirchen is not just a building – it’s a neighbourhood in its own right. Many people living here say it’s like a village with friendly, sociable and civilised way of living.


Most inhabitants are well educated; many of them have lived abroad, hold or have held executive positions in international companies. Most of them are fluent in English and other foreign languages. This is why most inhabitants are particularly welcoming to foreigners. After all – this is a suburb of Cologne; a city that is world-famous for its open-minded and sociable citizens! So don’t be shy! Practise your “Guten Tag”, smile and you’ll see that this is a very friendly neighbourhood. There are even parties and a book room for all inhabitants.


Many inhabitants of our condominium are a bit older – which surely contributes to the peace and quiet atmosphere. Nevertheless this place is a paradise for children: the pool, a playground right on the premises, the river banks, a forest right next door, schools and kindergartens only minutes away – everything a family could wish for.


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