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Moving in - moving out 


Before you move in or out, please inform the property management and our caretakers, Mr Rossow and Mr. Hammer – both are fluent in English and will be happy to assist you. (Mr. Rossow pictured on the left).


All the questions you may have – how to access the lift for hauling your crates and furniture up or down – where to park the van – how to dispose of waste – how to get nameplates for the door bell and your mail box – how get a key card for the pool - and many more: they have the answer. They even provide a special drilling machine that copes with our concrete walls!


Please also make sure that you comply with the periods of rest and avoid any unnecessary noise and dirt. You will want to keep a watchful eye on tradespeople and furniture movers, that can be acting a bit careless at limes. A good idea is that you introduce yourself to your neighbours on your floor – or inform them personally before you move out. They might even have useful ideas for you!


Ask your landlords or real estate agent to show you around – including pool, bicycle parking and waste/recycling facilities, storage rooms etc. Familiarise yourself with the quirks of German recycling and waste management…it’s complicated but you’ll get the hang of if over time…

If you are planning to renovate your apartment, our caretakers and the property management have important and useful information for you. For instance, if you are renovating your bathroom, the body corporate will replace some of the water piping free of charge.


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